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Welcome to the public HomePage of the DIAMONDS2 Website. DIAMONDS stands for Datawarehouse Infrastructure for Applications, Models and Ontologies towards Novel Design and Safety. DIAMONDS brings together a large repository of omics and assay data, an valuable knowledgebase of diverse chemical, biological and toxicological knowledge and an extensive toolbox of bioinformatics applications.

DIAMONDS2 is the new and improved version of the old DIAMONDS Website and now consists of 3 integrated websites, i.e. the DIAMONDS2 Website that visualizes all harmonized information in the main database, the DIAMONDS2EXPLORE Website that visualizes all original data sources and the DIAMONDS2MINE Website that harbors all data mining and analysis tools. Note that you can switch between these 3 sites by clicking on the left-upper icon.
This website has been developed by TNO. At TNO, experts on regulatory dossiers, omics, databasing, in vivo toxicity animal studys, in vitro assay development, statistics, bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, kinetics and nano-tox, work together on a new methodology to asses the hazard and risk of existing as well newly designed compounds.
A important component of DIAMONDS is the creation of an overarching infrastructure that integrates data, knowledge and tools from diverse domains.DIAMONDS is an excelent tool to compare propriatory data with publicly available information, obtain more mechanistic insight or to assess the toxicity of compounds.DIAMONDS builds upon several projects and help from partners in those projects: NGI-NTC, ZonMW-ASAT, Cefic-LRi-AIMT2, Cefic-LRi AIMT3
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