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The current risk-assessment method for chemical substances requires a great deal of research. This can be done more quickly and effectively by combining areas of expertise and available data. For this purpose, TNO uses the DIAMONDS approach, a ‘new-style’ toxicological risk assessment method that makes it possible to determine the toxic properties of a chemical substance at an early stage, thereby reducing costs and preventing unnecessary testing on animals.

To this end, TNO has developed a general data management and data integration infrastructure that brings together data, knowledge and tools from diverse public as well as private sources into a single platform. This infrastructure is continously being extended and has recently evolved into its third version, called DIAMONDS3. In DIAMONDS3 we integrate knowledge and data relating to the chemical structure, kinetics, metabolism, system biology and toxicity of substances. We combine this with alternative experimental models for biological verification often in combination with diverse Omics technologies. This enables faster, more informed choices when investigating the safety of chemical substances for product development and/or registration.

You can use the links on the right to obtain more information about DIAMONDS in the Document section. Visit the Project section, to get more info on the projects that use the DIAMONDS platform. Use the Contact page to get into contact with us. If you have an account (or want to register) and want to start using the tool, press the "START DIAMONDS3" button.

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